“In his second book about Tesla, Marc Seifer once again breaks through the legend, the enigma, and the life and times of a man who brought more technical innovation to humanity than any other in history. This book is a treasure trove of never before published details about Tesla’s invention and his personal relationships with the celebrities, scientists and business moguls of the early twentieth century.” —Toby Grotz, Gaia Energy


“Memorable biographies uniquely combine rigorous research with lyrical, narrative storytelling that captures both the individual and the world they existed within. Seifer is a rigorous researcher, clearly having spent much of his adult life following Tesla’s trail. His innumerable quotes from Tesla, his associates (both scientific and social) and secondary-source material are exceptional.” —New York Journal of Books


Tesla was a genius inventor more than a century ahead of his time who worked on many projects that he wanted to create an atmosphere where there was no more war. He worked on his projects through numerous European wars including The Great War and WW2. His projects include automatons, binary code, mixed radio frequencies, and remote control. Millennials have a smaller sense of wonder about many of his visionary projects because they have no idea how we managed to survive with transistor radios, landlines, no TV or garage door remotes. And some of the information has only been declassified in the last decade. There are many high-profile money people showcased as his backers and even a nod to Hedy Lamarr, the actress/inventor. While the aspect of his naval/military war contributions comprises only a part of the book, I found it more than interesting! —***** Five-Star Review, Barnes & Noble



Marc Seifer, Ph.D

WIZARD: THE LIFE & TIMES OF NIKOLA TESLA has been called the definitive biography on the inventor's fantastic life. The story begins with Tesla's heritage, follows childhood and early life through his school years in Graz and Budapest to his first jobs in Europe and then to his acclaimed work in America.

PUBLISHER: Citadel Press 540 pages illustrations, index $19.95


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