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"An espionage thriller, (a la Tom Clancy).... You write with great intelligence andauthority." Nicolette Phillips, New Vision

"I couldn’t take myself away from it. I wanted to see what happened next." David Kraueter, author of Radio and Television Pioneers

"Like a journey through the Major Arcana [of the Tarot], Rasputin’s Nephew takes the reader into the bizarre and mind-boggling world of the paranormal. I enjoyed Marc Seifer’s book thoroughly." Uri Geller, Paranormalist Extraordinaire

"This is a terrifically original book, with elements of satire as well." Dr. Stanley Krippner, author of Song of the Siren

"Rasputin’s Nephew is so believable that it seems to have it’s own aura. It frightened me, but not enough to overcome the desire to finish it. Wow!" Prof. R. Vangermeersch, University of RI

"Marc, As one who believes that good science fiction writers are the precursors of things to come, your Rasputin’s Nephew novel's early pages are causing me the first symptoms of FutureShock...Your writing about the psychic world seems so precise that it seems more real time than a work of fiction. Can I assume you are writing fiction or are you fictionalizing real historical events? This thought came to mind when I as reading on page 117, "And some top secret stuff with the neutron bomb about the same time." I know Sam Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, who has been a friend for many years and ever heard that he had worked with anyone on the this bomb, but given Sam's ego he might have and never mentioned it. He was with Rand during this period and also worked with Teller on top secret projects.... just trying to put your work in the context of history or fiction. Warm regards." Al Perry

The definitive book of

Handwriting Analysis

March J. Sifer, Ph.D.


Marc Seifer’s book is one of the best written on the subject in the last 10 years!

Robert O’Block, Ph.D. founder,

American College of Forensic Examiner


For over 20 years I have made it my self-appointed task to scan the graphological landscape to document and report on significant researchers and events. Marc Seifer has consistently

hit my radar with his research and sharing of knowledge. His Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis is a fine example of a work that is both a point of reference and a suitable book for teaching. He has fused modern thinking on the subject from many different nations. For the beginner this is a perfect starting point and even the most knowledgeable graphologist will find something new.”

- Nigel Bradley,

Graphology commentator based in Great Britain

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“There is no memory or retentive faculty based on lasting impression. What we designate as memory is but increased responsiveness to repeated stimuli. Nikola Tesla


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